Who We Are

Founded in 2010 and based in Mississauga Canada, Neurotelli Technologies was formed to produce the best in gaming and utility apps and the best in mobile consulting services to businesses looking to grow their profits with mobile.

We have launched over 15 apps onto the various app stores (Apple, Google Play and BlackBerry). We have the expertise to build a full ecosystem from Database design to web (.Net & PHP) and mobile app developent.

We believe in designing every inch of our systems with the end user in mind. When the end user is happy, you make more money.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of cutting edge software solutions and consulting services encompassing mobile smartphones, intelligent systems and aerospace training systems.

Our mission is to enhance your competitive advantage by implementing innovative technology solutions. By leveraging the latest research and advanced expertise, we will bring you to the forefront of their industry.

Our Core Values

Our work ethic and mindset always revolve around these three values;


Our goal is to provide the most innovative solutions that increase productivity and raise your bottom line.


Our mandate is to create the best solutions in order to keep you at the the forefront of success.


Our track record coupled with a our proven programs will breath life back into your organization and get you back on track to profitability.